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About us

At Cloud Cop, we specialize in optimizing cloud infrastructure usage to reduce "Total Cost of Ownership" and minimize expenses. Our roots in the IT industry drive our commitment to providing essential solutions for the future success of expanding businesses globally.

This is us

Established in 2020 by visionary entrepreneurs, Cloud Cop quickly identified the need for more intuitive cloud management. At a time when the expansion of cloud technology introduced complexity and risk, we were determined to make control simpler and more efficient.

We didn't just create a service; we created a strategic partnership through our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, tailored for cloud governance and compliance. Our approach is simple but innovative – making cloud management accessible and understandable to everyone, not just IT experts.

What really sets us apart is our deep commitment to our customers. We listen, understand and adapt, ensuring that our solutions always match your new needs. This client-first approach has cultivated a growing community that trusts us to guide their secure, efficient and cost-effective journey through the cloud.


Today, Cloud Cop is more than a provider; we are a reliable partner in the cloud era. Our story is about transforming challenges into opportunities and comfort with the use of the cloud, simplifying the complex and giving companies the opportunity to thrive in the digital landscape.

Join us and experience how Cloud Cop can strengthen your business. Discover a partnership that more easily navigates the complexity of governance and compliance in your cloud technology with confidence and clarity.

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