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Entra ID Insight

Balancing security and cost efficiency is key in managing cloud licenses and identities. Oversights here can result in excessive costs and security vulnerabilities, undermining both financial stability and client trust.

Stringent control of licenses and identities is essential to prevent overspending and safeguard against breaches, thereby maintaining your organization's financial health and integrity.

Identify underutilized licenses and allocate resources more efficiently.

Struggling with office 365 license insight ?  Who uses what?  And who is not using licenses we pay for? Don't worry, "Cloud Cop Insight" is here to help you. 

Our cutting-edge tool empowers your organization to save significantly on Microsoft licensing costs while ensuring optimal utilization of your software resources. Do not spend hours and hours with manual tasks on license management. Try Cloud Cop Insight and stop wasting.

The potential savings in Cloud Cop Insight is something every organization should be able to utilize.

Usage Visibility

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into how your team utilizes Microsoft products. Identify underutilized licenses and allocate resources more efficiently.

User Login Insights

  • Curious about how many of your users have not been logged on last 30, 60 or 90 days? It`s easy to identify and act on. Just as important as saving cost on licenses, the insight of having active users that have left the organization is crucial. Identify the users closes leader and see if the user can be offboarded and removed for security matters.

Cost Optimization

  • Uncover opportunities to optimize your Microsoft license investment. Identify instances of over-licensing and strategically adjust your subscriptions to align with actual usage.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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